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Doorbells & Chimes

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A doorbell is a basic wired system that includes a button on the outside next to the door, gate, or loading dock. The doorbell is usually located around the height of the doorknob.

A visitor or guest will press this button and it activates a signaling device such as a chime, bell, or buzzer inside the home, office, or building that lets you know someone is requesting access.

Doorbells come in a variety of styles:

Classic Doorbell Wooden Doorbell Style Brass Doorbell

Chimes, Bells, and Buzzers

Chimes, bells, and buzzers are common signaling device that let's you know someone is at your door or gate. Chimes are visually pleasing tuned to pleasant tones or musical songs that play when someone presses the doorbell. Bells and buzzers are often electronic devices that offer a variety that offers a variety of Sounds and music for the homeowner to choose from



  Home Chimes Wooden Chime for Doorbell Electronic Chimes


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