Broken Intercom System? Broken Door buzzer? Broken Doorbell? Need your intercom or buzzer system repaired or replaced. Apartment door buzzer not working? Call 773-297-7177 for Intercom Repairs.


Replaced Intercom System with New Panel. "I was very pleased with the work performed by A+ Electrical Services.  I live in a small condo building in Chicago.  Our buzzer system failed after a strong storm in May.  The A+ contractor was able to diagnose the problem after a careful evaluation. He was quick, neat, and courteous.  I was happy that he had the parts and tools to complete the repair in one visit.  I would use their services again." - R J (Chicago, IL ) (Yelp)

"The door buzzer for our condo stopped working and it took us awhile to find someone to fix this type of problem. A+ sent out an electrician to determine what the problem was, he was very knowledgeable and was able to get parts and fix everything in one day. Hope we do not have any more problems but if we do at least now we know who to call" - (Yahoo Local) Doorbuzzer doesn't work? Troubleshoot the Intercom System and get the Doorbuzzer working so you can hear who buzzes your unit.

Great Intercom Repair Services. "George replaced the intercom panel outside of our front door and then troubleshot the receivers in each condo (4 units) because we were getting feedback whenever we pushed the LISTEN button. Everything was great! George was punctual and did a great job replacing the intercom. The labor charge is very reasonable and exceptional for the service we were provided. - (Chicago, IL) (Angie's List)

"The buzzers for our condo stopped working. We called A+ and they came out on Saturday with no extra charge so we could best coordinate with the unit owners.  They  fixed the problem in the same day. They were courteous, professional, and easy to work with. We have their number on file and will use them again if we need to. Definitely a good company to go with.” - AL (Kudzu) Storm Broke Intercom System and A+ Electrical Services Repaired our Doorbuzzer System.

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